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New Impulses for Czech Strategy in Africa

Vilém Řehák Vilém Řehák / Ed. 18. 11. 2020
New Impulses for Czech Strategy in Africa

Africa has only been a marginal topic for Czech foreign policy since the split of Czechoslovakia. This trend reached its nadir in 2011.

However, the situation has started to change in the last decade. Czech foreign policy has gradually adopted sub-Saharan Africa as its new vector and stabilization of the Sahel region has become one of its strategic priorities, as confirmed by the “Sahel strategy” (2018) and the “Africa program” (2020). Association for International Affairs (AMO) presents a policy paper which analyses the current Czech approach toward Africa. There is an attempt to define a priority region and target the activities of the Czech Republic toward this region. However, a lack of long-term perspectives, an inability to define clear and achievable goals, absence of previous ties with the selected region and limited resources and capacities are key barriers to effective involvement. Moreover, the public debate about Czech activities on the continent is missing and participation of civil society is limited. This policy paper wishes to foster such a debate and aims to highlight the key questions that stakeholders and the public should ask about Czech strategic interests in Africa.


New Impulses for Czech Strategy in Africa
Vilém Řehák, Josef Kučera Download
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