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As a result of the 2019 European parliament election, new politicians filled key EU positions that will shape the future of the EU. With the UK leaving the Union, debates on migration and a variety of approaches how to deal with it, discussions over a new EU multiannual financial framework, the EU is at the critical juncture. It is in the situation when noticeable differences among member states over number of issues occur, with V4 countries being often perceive as problematic partners.

Discussion about issues related to the EU is specific in Czechia and Poland and do not conform to EU mainstream. Czech and Polish governments voice their critical opinions on current EU affairs. Therefore, a debate of Czech and Polish experts will provide different perspectives on current situation and outlook of the future.

What are Czech and Polish interests in the EU?
What is a current image of Czechia and Poland in the EU?
What does EP election results tell us about opinions among Czech and Polish voters?
What priorities both countries share and where their views on EU politics differ?
What issues Czechia and Poland could cooperate on in next five years?

Vít Dostal, AMO
Maria Skóra – Das Progressive Zentrum
Kateřina Šafaříkova, Respekt

Host: Pavlína Janebová, AMO

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The debate will be held in English without interpretation.

The event is supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and its projects on public diplomacy in areas of foreign affairs of the Czech Republic and international relations.

The event is organised by AMO in cooperation with Demokratický střed.

Date and time
Wednesday September 25, 2019
18:00 – 20:00

Skautsky Institut

Staromestske nam. 1/4, 110 00, Old Town

Prague 1

In cooperation with
Demokratický střed
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