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Structure of the Program

You can find complete program here.

Prior to the diplomatic simulation the participants will experience almost 4 days of various workshops, seminars, debates, ice-breakers, games and excursions. All prepared by the organizers and experts representing partner Universities and think-tanks of the Central European countries.

The simulation part will be organized by preparatory team of the Prague Student Summit (PSS) which is the largest project of its kind in the whole Central Europe.

During 2 days of the simulation, all 25 young people will gather around a negotiation table and will represent their countries acting as real professional diplomats discussing over the real issues resonating among the present politicians and our societies. They will strive to find the common ground in topics based on the actual situation.

This season of Model V4+ builds on the great success of its two years and we deeply believe that this summer school will be at least as great as the previous simulations. We hope to see fruitful negotiations and excellent performances resulting in outstanding outcomes.

We also truly appreciate the kind support of all of our partners and great enthusiasm of organizing team and participants themselves!

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