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Centre for European Affairs organizes the event “Middle income trap in V4 countries: view from Slovakia” as a part of the project “Middle income trap in V4 countries?” launched by The Kosciuszsko Institute. Chosen experts from the V4 countries addressed this issue in the opening report that serves as a basis for an open discussion with academics, experts and business and political stakeholders from the V4 region. The results of this debate will be published to serve as a recommendation for national, regional and European policy-makers.

The global financial crisis significantly slowed down economic growth in advanced and especially in emerging markets. Central European countries have also been struck by this negative development, affecting their GDP growth, employment and income growth. After the initial step from low-income economy to a middle-income level, these countries are facing a challenge of overcoming the obstacles of economic slowdown and entering the club of high-earning countries.

How to prevent a slowdown of economic growth and overcome the middle-income level in the aftermath of the economic crisis?

What is the future of industrial policies in Slovakia, a country strongly dependent on industry?

How to balance government-led policies and private incentives for innovation?

What lessons are there to learn from examples of other countries avoiding the middle income trap? How can they be applied in Slovakia and the V4 region?

How to establish a regionally coordinated policy in a global context of fragmented production?

More information here.

Date and time

24 June 2015

14:00 – 16:00


Bratislava, Slovakia

Centre for European Affairs
In cooperation with
The Kosciuszko Institute, International Visegrad Fund
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