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China is raising its flag in Central and Eastern Europe

Richard Q. Turcsányi Richard Q. Turcsányi / Ed. 20. 10. 2018

Read Richard Q. Turcsányi’s new article for East Asia Forum on the Chinese-led ‘16+1 platform’ between China and 16 Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries.

One of the most-spouted pieces of ‘evidence’ for the allegations is that Hungary has vetoed some EU motions that were critical of China, such as those regarding the treatment of human rights lawyers or the Belt and Road Initiative.

But Hungary is not the only EU member who has blocked common EU stances on China. Greece — which is not in the 16+1 platform — has done so as well, for instance in the EU’s response to the South China Sea arbitration ruling.

The remaining 10 EU members included in the 16+1 platform differ significantly in their dealings with China. Even Poland, which takes Hungary’s side at times, has quite a different approach to Hungary in its China policy.

Read the full text here.

Original source: China is raising its flag in Central and Eastern Europe

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