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After European funds dry out, will China bring ‘better’ tomorrows?

AMO AMO / Ed. 6. 5. 2018

Taking EU funds away from Central European member states will reinforce Chinese influence in the region, argues Matej Šimalčík.

The proposed EU budget for 2021-2027 will include changes in how EU funds are divided. This will most likely benefit southern member states at the expense of the Central European ones. In the ever ongoing debate about what good the EU is to Central Europe, many count the access to funding as the most convincing argument. However, as soon as the funding starts to dry out, the Central European countries will turn elsewhere for money – and China will answer their call.

You can find the text in full here.

Original source: After European funds dry out, will China bring ‘better’ tomorrows?

China 408
Czech Republic 610
European Union 380
Hungary 95
Slovakia 117
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