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Generation Next – Europe’s Futures Conference

Vít Dostál Vít Dostál / Ed. 23. 10. 2018

Research Director of AMO Vít Dostál took part in the Roundtable Discussion held during the international conference "Generation Next – Europe’s Futures Conference" organised by Aspen Institute Romania and Institute of Human Sciences on 25 September 2018 in Vienna.

The video with forward-thinkers from civil society, academia and business addresses the following questions:

  • Will the basic democratic structures in member states hold against the in ux from the extremist political parties?
  • Is the European Union vital without a shared foreign policy on state-on-state aggression within Europe, without a joint asylum policy or while enlargement is yet a distant promise?
  • Does the European Union still wield a positive vision of the future?


Find photo gallery from the conference here.

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