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Enlargement Ten Years on: New Europe’s Contribution to Single Market

Kryštof Kruliš Kryštof Kruliš / Ed. 6. 3. 2016

Research paper written by Kryštof Kruliš, Research Fellow of the Association for International Affairs (AMO), focuses on issues of Internal Market of EU. The paper is published on the occasion of the international conference Enlargement Ten Years on: New Europe’s Contribution to Single Market supported by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

The paper elaborates ten years of the enlarged internal market from several perspectives. The first part traces the process of new members’ integration and points at the crucial moments of deeping of the internal market. After that paper explores the development during the last ten years in the following three important areas of the EU internal market a) the role that the internal market has played in the FDI inflows into the newly acceding EU member states; b) the way how the transitional periods influenced the free movement of workers, and c) how the EU enlargement has influenced the development of the internal market in the area of the free movement of services.

The paper argues that for the evalution of the 10 years of the Central and Eastern European countries participation on the EU internal market it is useful to understand the EU integration as proceeding of the extent of the real undisturbed functioning of the four basic freedoms and the territorial extent encompassed by the integration and the moves mostly through the process of the enlargement.


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