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Overview of activities in “Czech support to transformation of Ukrainian system of education” project

AMO AMO / Ed. 13. 8. 2018

In 2014, AMO implemented the international project dedicated to the reform of Ukrainian system of education. The project was supported by the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The Ukrainian system of education – as the other sectors of public administration – suffers from the legacy of communist system, incompetently implemented reforms which were often conceived and launched without deeper analyses and influenced by omnipotent corruption

In 2014, newly appointed leadership of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukrine voiced the new vision of educational system modernization and welcomed the assistance of foreign experts from the Czech Republic. AMO’s 6 month-long project responded to those needs by providing the Ukrainians with expert consultations, study trips and expert seminars based on specific requests from Ukrainian side.

Expert missions focused on high educational institution’s accreditation and general law on education. The target group included representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Committee on Education and Science of Verkhovnaya Rada who participated in the exert mission to the Czech Republic. Discussed topics included accreditation system, criteria for school’s evaluation, and inclusive education. Those issues were also analysed at expert seminars with Czech experts that took place in Kiev and hosted Ukrainian academicians, experts and state administration representatives.

Based on Ukrainian needs, selected parts of Czech laws and other normative documents were translated into Ukrainian and serve as an inspiration to the Ukrainian law-making.

Thanks to the initiative of Czech MEP Michaela Šojdrová who actively participated in the project, the reform of the system of education in Ukraine has been currently discussed in the European Parliament and in the European Commission as well.

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