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Belarusian teachers learned about inclusion within the Slavkov format

AMO AMO / Ed. 11. 8. 2018
Belarusian teachers learned about inclusion within the Slavkov format
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AMO in cooperation with the Academy of Postdiploma Education in Belarus and with support of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Minsk organized 5 seminars dedicated to Czech, Slovak and Austrian experience in the field of inclusive education on September 12-16, 2016.

Lectures were delivered by leading Czech, Slovak and Austrian experts, namely Jiří Trunda, director of the Elementary School Vratislavova and lecturer at Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague, Robert Sabo from Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica and Wolfgang Sieberer, lecturer at Pedagogical University of Tyrol in Innsbruck.

We successively visited schools in Novopock, Gomel, Borisov, and Soligorsk and then held final conference in premises of the Academy of Postdiploma Education in Minsk. While the seminars had a form of meetings of 20-25 teachers mostly from the school where it took place, the conference was opened to participants from all over Belarus. The event was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Belarus and A. Zmuško, Head of the Department of Special Education of the Ministry of Education, participated in the final conference with her presentation.

In their presentations, lecturers focused primarily on the perception of inclusion in their country and personal experience with application of inclusion in schools. We highlighted the fact that introduction of inclusion is beneficial for all parties involved and helps to prepare children for their everyday life. Preparation of individual plans for children with special needs or powers of teaching assistant seemed to be topics of great interest as they were new to our Belarusian colleagues and also quite inspiring according to their reaction. After all, the event turned out to be inspiring for us as well and judging by feedback received from lecturers and attendants it was one of our most successful educational events ever.

Read presentations by Jiří Trunda (Czech experience), Robert Sabo (Slovakian experience) and Wolfganf Siegried (Austrian experience). We are also happy to present you a book, which is composed of articles by our lecturers and Belarusian colleagues involved in innovative inclusive project coordinated by the Academy of Postdiploma Education.

It is possible to watch several reports about our events made by local Belarusian media or to read a report on these websites here, here and here.

Our seminars were attended by 121 teachers overall, while the biggest audience we had in Minsk and Novopolock. Teachers in Solihorsk and Borisov proved to be the most prepared for inclusion and we received the most positive feedback in Gomel. We strongly believe that these were not our last activities related to inclusion in Belarus.

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