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Supporting media education in Belarusian schools

AMO AMO / Ed. 11. 8. 2018
Supporting media education in Belarusian schools
photo AMO

AMO together with its partners launched a project, whose main goal is to enhance media literacy within Belarusian society.

Correctly evaluate the information, recognize media bias or find the credible sources – these abilities are crucial for today’s society. AMO has therefore launched a project which supports the integration of media education into the Belarusian education system.

Thanks to it Belarusian teachers of primary and secondary schools will attend numbers of seminars and study tours, which will help them with teaching media literacy. In the coming months we also plan to publish the analytical report, regular publication of thematic articles or mediapreparation of electronic distance course.

Project named Media Literacy and Media Education in Belarus is supported by the Transition Promotion Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Belarusian National Institute of Education, Nastaunik web portal and Czech primary schools Vratislavova in Prague and Poběžovice.

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