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A series of seminars on use of media education

AMO AMO / Ed. 11. 8. 2018
A series of seminars on use of media education

AMO in cooperation with the National Institute of Education (NIE) and the Academy of Postdiploma Education (APE) in Belarus organized another series of seminars dedicated to media education. The first one for the most active Belarusian teachers took place in premises of NIE, the following seminars were held in grammar schools in Minsk and Pinsk and lycée in Ivacevič.

At the beginning of each seminar we could present our recently published compilation to its participants. We could also present the first reports by Stolin School Number 2, which were made with help of equipment donated by us, and draw their attention to the articles published at www.nastaunik.info.

The seminars always started with presentation of how it is possible to address media education in primary schools. Jiří Beneš, teacher at Elementary School in Panenský Týnec, presented several projects and activities that he uses during his lessons. He introduced project based on comparison of the same fairy tale in form of cartoon and book, or explained how to use the “Grinch” tale in class.

Pavel Martinovský followed up with clarification of how important the role of school is in terms of understanding media and how the position of family was developing in this context. His lecture then focused on how to use principles of media education on lower-secondary schools. He highlighted the importance of non-portable media such as walls and the possibility to use media like maps, caricature or photography.

The seminars were attended by 103 Belarusian teachers in total. Traditionally, we received better reaction from teachers from regional schools, especially from those in Brest region. That doesn’t differ from our previous experience, which have always proved that particularly teachers in Minsk and Mogilev region are less active and not ready to accept new ideas. The most active schools with most innovative ideas are rather located in smaller cities in south-west Belarus. In spite of that, we do not plan to regionally limit our activities and we still want to focus on the whole country.

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