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Strong NATO through strong Europe: Space and lasers as possible Czech contribution

Petr Boháček Petr Boháček / Ed. 29. 11. 2018

The first year of Trump´s presidency has suprisingly been under the maintaining of former american transatlantic policy.

Since the Summit in Wales in 2014, European NATO members have  increased expenses on defense as they have promised. That meant that Romania, Lithuania and Latvia became part of  the countries who spend the recommended 2% GDP on defense. Summit in Wales also brought changes to NATO as it started to transform itself due to the aggressive Russian politics in the Eastern Europe and the fear about the future of those regions.

Policy Paper of Petr Boháček and Jakub Kufčák is dealing with challenges of NATO-EU cooperation. They assume that Czech Republic could contribute to the NATO goals by its highly professional experience in laser and space fields.

This paper was prepared with support of  Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.


Czech European policy 150
Czech security policy 73
Europe 662
USA 125
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