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Future of Transatlantic Security: Interdependence not Autonomy in Space and Defense

Petr Boháček Petr Boháček / Ed. 4. 12. 2018

Strengthening Transatlantic security starts with strengthening its weakest link, Europe. But instead of focusing on illusionary autonomy, the EU should build capabilities that will make the Transatlantic bond absolutely indispensable for Washington at any time. This paper argues that it will require a united EU defence policy, clear division of EU-NATO responsibilities & planning, consolidated EU-wide defense industry and sound and ambitions EU space policy.

In defense terms, the EU has to ensure the defense integration initiatives and funding remain inclusive for weaker Eastern European countries and their strategic and industrial preferences. Further, Europe needs to improve defense spending, technological weakness, and capacities as well as to follow industry trends and growing reliance on commercial actors. Investments in dual-use and civilian technologies and research initiatives within the EU single market can provide better economic and political rationalization for increased financing.

Regarding space policy, the proposed EU Agency for Space Program should integrate, with appropriate funding all space security aspects including SST, Space Debris, Space Weather and NEOs, to avoid inefficiency and duplication of the national inter-governmental model. Overall, the EU space security policy and capacities should be based on Transatlantic coordination and interdependence to improve effectiveness and to create a new standard for space security international cooperation.

This paper was prepared within the project „Future of the Czech security and defence policy and the role of NATO and the EU“, which is supported by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The paper does not reflect the views of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

This publication is supported by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division.



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