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EU army? Much ado about nothing

Jakub Kufčák Jakub Kufčák / Ed. 6. 9. 2016

Jakub Kufčák comments for EurActiv.com on the debate about the European army.

“In my opinion what we are witnessing is a ‘compensation move’ with [the Czech Republic and Hungary] trying to be seen as pro-European vis-a-vis Western Europe and especially Germany. From the Czech perspective, an EU army is not a commonly shared goal for the main political parties or coalition partners (perhaps with the exception of the Czech social democrats). That is why the Czech Defence minister Martin Stropnický (ANO) tried to counterbalance Sobotka’s statements and instead stressed the importance of the EU Battlegroup reform, said Kufčák.

Original source: EU army? Much ado about nothing

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