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Czech Republic: A stalemate and promising circumstances

Vít Dostál Vít Dostál / Ed. 27. 6. 2022
Czech Republic: A stalemate and promising circumstances

The publication “Three Seas Initiative: Mapping National Perspectives” offers a collection of articles that discuss priorities of the Initiative from the countries’ perspective.

Each of the article identifies both challenges and opportunities to the members participating in the Initiative. The publication provides the reader with an insight into the diversified views on the Initiative, the main shortcomings and the future of the Initiative as envisaged by international experts. Noting the changing international environment caused by the Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in 2022, publication is also addressing how the recent security developments affects the Initiative.

Vít Dostál, our executive director, analyses in his article titled „Czech Republic: A stalemate and promising circumstances“ Czech interests in the 3SI. Secondly, it lists key opportunities as seen from the perspective of the government or key stakeholders. Thirdly, it introduces the limits of more vigorous Czech engagement in the 3SI.

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