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The Solidarity, Stability and Security in Post-Factual Times workshop held in Passau and České Budějovice wrapped up the series of three Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP) workshops in 2017.

The four-day workshop commenced on Thursday, September 7, 2017 in Passau with welcome remarks by the organizers Zuzana Lizcová, Weronika Priesmeyer-Tkocz, and Václav Bacovský. The opening was followed by a discussion with MEP Christian Flisek (SPD) on the nature of German politics in the election year and later by a city tour.

The following day, the participants traveled to the Czech Republic, where they first visited Prachatice and then České Budějovice. In Prachatice, they had a chance to talk to Barbora Staňková from Živá Vila Association, while in České Budějovice, they toured the city hall in the company of Jaromír Talíř, the deputy mayor. The day wrapped up with a discussion on self-sustainability and environmental challenges with Pavel Podruh (Český ostrovní dům) and Jitka Buusová (E.ON) and public screening of the Hip Hop-Eration movie, followed by a talk with Barbora Jílková, the main coordinator of the One World České Budějovice Documentary Film Festival on human rights.

The Saturday morning was dedicated to the Temelín nuclear power station visit. In the afternoon, Tereza Dobiášová (Sladovna Písek) and Salim Murad (University of South Bohemia) gave a talk on perception of the migration issue in the region. The afternoon was also dedicated to the role of universities in current Czech society, which was presented by and discussed with Libor Grubhoffer, the former Rector of the University of South Bohemia. On Saturday evening the participants had an opportunity to present and discuss their projects made within the framework of CGYPP.



September 7-10, 2017


Passau and České Budějovice

European Academy Berlin and Czech German Fund for Future
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