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Chances and Challenges of Digitalization

There are more than 20 billion machines and devices networked via the Internet and it is expected that by 2030, this figure will reach half a trillion. Digitalization is changing our working world and everyday life at a pace that many struggle to keep up with. While new possibilities open up, new insecurities arise, too. Digitalization is both praised as the engine of growth and prosperity, as well as it is vilified as the main threat to all humanity.

Can we steer and shape this transformation? What qualifications and skills are needed in the new world? How should schools and social systems evolve in order to stay up-to-date? What is the new dynamic of the digital economy like? What is the future of the sharing economy? What can private companies offer in the IT sector or in the field of energy and electromobility? How can small and medium-sized enterprises survive in an increasingly interconnected, globalized world? How can privacy remain protected given the increasing surveillance and the ever-pervasive social media? Do we understand what a proper cybersecurity entails? How is the working world going to be influenced by artificial intelligence? How can we cope with the flood of news on the Internet and on social media?

You will discuss these questions creatively, interactively, and polemically with a broad spectrum of outstanding experts. You will compare German and Czech strategies and economic, political and social impacts of the digital change. By exchanging your experience and visions you will contribute towards a discussion on how Czechs and Germans are looking to the future. Inspired by new ideas, tools and contacts, you will have a chance to benefit from the program in your individual professional and private life.

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