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Solidarity, stability and security in post-factual times

International terrorism, hybrid warfare, populism, Brexit, migration: a feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability is spreading across Europe. The social, economic and political order seems to be in question due to many external and internal forces; the public is losing faith in their political leaders. Moreover, this worrying vision of a ‘post-factual’ society, where fears, prejudice and feelings seem to play a far more significant role than do facts, has arisen. What does this situation mean for the future of the Czech Republic and of Germany? Is there an opportunity to create a stable future out of ordinary people’s impressions and concerns? Or a way to make European cooperation, welfare and security certain in times when populists and demagogues are succeeding in manipulating large sections of the general public? Or an option for re-establishing trust between people and political or social elites?

You will explore a variety of aspects and dimensions of political and social challenges and will compare German and Czech strategies in economic, political and social terms. By exchanging your experience and visions you will contribute towards a discussion on how Czechs and Germans are looking to the future. Inspired by new ideas, tools and contacts, you will have a chance to benefit from the program in your individual professional and private life.

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