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Czech–German Dialogue on Russia: In Need of Reinforced Cooperation

Pavel Havlíček Pavel Havlíček / Ed. 2. 5. 2022
Czech–German Dialogue on Russia: In Need of Reinforced Cooperation

The briefing paper summarizes and analyzes the current state of cooperation between the Czech Republic and Germany in the field of relations with Russia and Eastern Europe. First, it looks at the positions of both actors vis-a-vis Russia in the historical perspective, then it analyzes the response of Czechia and Germany regarding the Russian war against Ukraine and finally it points to the differences and commonalities of their approach.

The analysis sheds some light on the domestic discussion on Russia, which has undergone major developments in both partner countries and is now largely limited to a joint response within the EU and NATO. The paper also compares the Czech and German reactions to current events and discusses the differences in the attitudes of the Czech Republic and Germany and explains how they need to be understood and
what they are based on. Finally, the briefing paper suggests selected areas in which mutual cooperation could take place if there is sufficient political will and interest on the part of government representatives. There is a potential in the field of security, energy, exchange of good practice on humanitarian aspects of the ongoing crisis, but also the cooperation within NATO and the EU, especially with regard to the upcoming Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. Another opportunity is the joint involvement of Czech and German troops in the Allied military presence in Slovakia.


Czech–German Dialogue on Russia: In Need of Reinforced Cooperation
Pavel Havlíček, Kai-Olaf Lang Download
Czech Republic 606
Europe 665
Germany 81
Russia 202
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