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Climate Team

since 2019

Climate Policy Change

The Climate Team of the Association for International Affairs (AMO) is a thematic grouping of experts dealing with different aspects of climate policies starting from international and EU negotiations, including climate security, and going all the way to the low-carbon transition, its financing and social implications.

We are united in our comprehension of the climate crisis as an existential threat for the future of human civilization and in our conviction that key decisions impacting climate policy must be made based on quality evidence-based inputs. We endeavour to bring such inputs into the Czech political discourse in the form of policy papers, factsheets and studies. Moreover, we strive to enhance the interlinkage between domestic, European and international discussions on climate targets and measures so as to ensure their real implementation on all levels. To that end, we also establish contacts and advocate for sensible solutions.

The scientific consensus concerning the impact of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions on the state of the global climate, and the goals of the Paris Agreement ratified by 191 states of the international community provide a value basis for our efforts.

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