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Factsheet: Lithium Mining in Cínovec – Green transformation and socio-ecological issues

Nina Djukanović Nina Djukanović / Ed. 19. 3. 2024
Factsheet: Lithium Mining in Cínovec - Green transformation and socio-ecological issues
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Lithium is a key element for the green transformation mainly because of its use in electric vehicles. GEOMET's lithium mining project on the Czech side of the Cínovec Mountains in the Ore Mountains has naturally attracted a lot of attention. However, the project itself and climate policies based on the extraction of critical raw materials also raise many questions.

The green transformation requires critical raw materials, including lithium, and demand for these is already growing rapidly. However, there is a mismatch between planned projects and the projected supply of these elements, which may jeopardise climate goals. We are thus seeing a rapid increase in mining projects around the world, including in the European Union, which is seeking to promote raw material and technological independence. However, mining itself puts pressure on the environment and local communities.

What do we know about the planned lithium mining at Cínovec? How will the projected demand for lithium grow by mid-century? What social and environmental controversies does mining bring? And what should Czech and European climate policy on lithium look like to give the green transformation the best chance of success? Find the answers in the factsheet.



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