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Conceptsheet: Summaries of CRMA and NZIA

Ondřej  Kolínský Ondřej Kolínský / Ed. 5. 6. 2024
Conceptsheet: Summaries of CRMA and NZIA

This is the second in a series of three diagrams produced for the Conference on Material Dependencies and the Geopolitics of the Green Transition hosted by the AMO Climate Team.

Critical Raw Materials Act and Net-Zero Industry Act are two recent documents key for framing the EU approach to these areas.

They define critical raw materials and strategic raw materials and net-zero industries to define priorities in securing steady supply of materials and successful development and scaling of new technologies.

The infographics include basic information and also point towards controversies and remaining questions that are more elaborated in other two diagrams prepared for the conference.


Conceptsheet: Summaries of CRMA and NZIA
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