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Conceptsheet: Key tensions around extractive projects

Ondřej  Kolínský Ondřej Kolínský / Ed. 21. 5. 2024
Conceptsheet: Key tensions around extractive projects

This is the first in a series of three diagrams produced for the Conference on Material Dependencies and the Geopolitics of the Green Transition hosted by the AMO Climate Team.

The diagram compiles tensions between various economic and extra-economic costs and benefits associated with new installations.

The trade-offs are predictably often placed between economic value and environmental or social costs but the scheme also highlights other similar value transfers that help situate the general conflicts occuring around new projects.

The table below summarizes recommendations from literature to prevent or de-escalate these conflicts, a typical remedy mentioned repeatedly throughout the sources consists in a thorough participation process including the local community into planning and decision making.


Conceptsheet: Key tensions around extractive projects
Ondřej Kolínský Download
economy 161
energy 49
environment 40
ethics 8
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