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Baghdad renews presence in oil-rich city of Kirkuk

Tomáš Kaválek Tomáš Kaválek / Ed. 25. 10. 2017

Tomáš Kaválek published a new article on the reclamation of Kirkuk by Iraqi forces.

On 16 October, Iraqi federal forces began its advance into disputed territories that had been under Kurdish control since summer of 2014 when Iraqi forces withdrew from these areas facing Islamic State (IS). By 21 October, Baghdad reclaimed almost all of those areas including Shingal, Rabi’a, Mosul dam, parts of Khanaqin and the most importantly strategic oil-rich city of Kirkuk. Kurdish gains were thus reverted in a matter of days. Once again it has been shown that oil-rich Kirkuk is a major flashpoint between Erbil and Baghdad. Moreover, these events further highlighted internal rifts within Kurdish political landscape.

You can access the article here.

Kirkuk is the economic and strategic backbone of Kurdish ambition for statehood.


Original source: Baghdad renews presence in oil-rich city of Kirkuk

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