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Tomáš Weiss

Tomáš Weiss

Head of Department of European Studies at Charles University in Prague

Tomáš Weiss is the Head of Department of European Studies at Charles University in Prague.

Tomáš Weiss, Head of Department of European Studies and associate professor, researches and lectures on EU’s foreign affairs and security policy. Having studied European Studies in Prague and in Hamburg, he obtained his Ph.D. in Area Studies at Charles University in 2011. He has published on various aspects of European foreign and security policy, in particular the institutional setup, member states’ interest promotion (book with Routledge 2017), transatlantic relations, and the policy towards the European neighbourhood (Perspectives, 2011; book chapter with Routledge). He has also published on the new security environment and the challenges to the military and police forces (Cooperation and Conflict, 2011; Armed Forces & Society, 2012; monograph with Charles University Press, 2014). Tomáš Weiss managed Charles University’s involvement in the FP7 projects MERCURY and TRANSWORLD. He has been principle investigator in several research projects funded by the Czech Science Foundation and by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic.

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