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Jakub Eberle

Jakub Eberle

He is a researcher at the Institute of International Relations and Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague, where he also teaches. He earned his Ph.D. in International Relations at  University of Warwick. He is a graduate of Charles University, University of St Andrews, and University of Kent. He specializes mainly in Czech and German foreign policy and he is the deputy editor-in-chief of New Perspectives magazine.

In the past, he served as Executive Secretary of AMO, main coordinator of the Prague Student Summit, and analyst at the AMO Research Center
, specializing in German and Czech foreign policy and European security. He was a co-editor of several editions of Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy. In 2017-2019, he was a member of AMO Supervisory Board.

This profile hasn’t been updated since 30. 6. 2019.

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