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AMO Celebrates 20 Years

AMO AMO / Ed. 27. 4. 2017

This April, The Association for International Affairs (AMO) shall celebrate twenty years of its existence among Czech civil society organizations.

amo20_bublina velka

A special graphics shall be used in the course of the upcoming months to celebrate this special occasion. The design combines an idea of annual rings symbolizing two decades of the Organization’s life as well as an imaginary bubble representing the transition of ideas and thoughts, which are characteristic of our activities and mission ever since 1997. The bubble-like shape also refers to our current logo, which resembles the shape of the globe.

The key mission of AMO has, from its very beginning, been education and research in the area of international relations. Our organization is inherently linked not only to the organization of the Prague Student Summit, but also to the activities of the Research Center – a foreign policy think tank, which strives to improve the debate on Czech foreign policy, as well as to formulate what such policies should look like.

We pride ourselves on our independence and openness to all democratic opinion streams. We contribute, thanks to our work, to an educated and open society that is based on tolerance and mutual understanding.

Our public benefit activities have gradually expanded to programs supporting civil society development, raising civic competences of young people, transferring Czech experience with transformation abroad, and interconnecting young professionals from different sectors.

AMO is a non-governmental and non-profit organization active not only in Prague, but also in regions of the Czech Republic as well as in Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine and Belarus.

  • Prague Student Summit – educational project with a 22-year tradition and more than 5,500 participants
  • Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy – systematic evaluation of foreign policy since 2006
  • Education in Ukraine and Belarus – methodical support and more than 200 training sessions over the past 11 years
  • Discussions and publications – over 600 events and more than 50 monographs and 300 expert papers
  • AMO community – more than 100 members, 80 associates, and 500 alumni

The 20th anniversary shall be celebrated in the course of 2017 during both public and closed-door events, as well as on the social networks.

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