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Democracy in China: Does Taiwan Set an Example

Jiří Suchánek / Ed. 14. 2. 2016

Research Paper of Jiří Suchánek compares the situation in China and Taiwan.

Since the third wave of democratization erupted in the late twentieth century, many scholars have raised questions about possible democratization of People’s Republic of China. Even nowadays this issue is still alive, as PRC remains a non-democratic regime, moreover with strong resilience towards change. Meanwhile, the Republic of China, which has the same cultural and historical basis, is considered as a flawed democracy and in many occasions (such as presidential elections) is presented as an example for mainland China. Despite the fact, that simple comparisons could be challenged by some factors, inter alia by the size of both countries and number of inhabitants I assume that this comparison could be beneficial in many ways.

The paper was elaborated for the educational project ALYAS – AMO Lectures for Young Asia Scholars.


Democracy in China: Does Taiwan Set an Example
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