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7th year of ALYAS has been concluded by the lecture of Niklas Swanström

AMO AMO / Ed. 23. 6. 2017
7th year of ALYAS has been concluded by the lecture of Niklas Swanström
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7th year of ALYAS - series of lectures for selected university students and young professionals with an interest in Asia affairs was concluded by the lecture of Niklase Swanströma from the Institute for Security and Development Policy.

Swanström’s lecture has addressed North Korean nuclear crisis. Check out the pictures from the event here.

The debate and reception took place at the residence of H.E. Viktoria Li, ambassador of Sweden in Prague.

The main topic of this year’s serie was China. The participants have also discussed with Kerry Brown, Director of Lau China Institute at King’s College in London, Hu Yong from the Beijing University’s School of Journalism and Communication or Marek Libřický, Director of the Asia and Pacific Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.


Asia 213
China 304
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