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AMO takes a great pleasure to invite you to the roundtable with Prof. Mohamed Mosaad Abdelaziz Mohamed dedicated to the Egyptian state and Islamists and consequent two perspectives of the Egyptian transformation.

Egypt has seen a turbulent path of its transition. Three years after the revolution, the political processes remain unsettled. The latest events of 3rd July 2013, which deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, led to crackdown on both Islamist as well as civic activists. The speakers will discuss the current state of the contentious politics that has emerged in Egypt and present some insights into prospects for the Islamist-oriented social movements and political parties.

The round table seeks to answer the main questions What happened to Egypt’s transition? To what extent are we witnessing a re-establishment of the old regime structures? And how can Islamist political movements and other elements of the opposition balance the side-effects of the 3rd July turbulence?

Speakers and their topics:

  • Zora Hesová, Research Fellow, Association for International Affairs – Egypt’s transition
  • Mohamed Mosaad Abdelaziz Mohamed, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Northern Arizona University – Prospects for Muslim Brotherhood movement
  • Nataša Kubíková, Project Coordinator, Association for International Affairs – Prospects for Salafi movements and parties
Date and time

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
7:00 PM to 8:30 PM


Association for International Affairs
27 Žitná
3rd floor
110 00 Prague

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