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The Association for International Affairs (AMO) with support of the International Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of The Netherlands organizes an international summer school on oral history to take place in Ukraine.

Call for participants - Ukraine


Call for participants - Belarus


The participants of the summer schools will be coming from Belarus and Ukraine while their lecturers will be experts on oral history methods from three Visegrad countries – from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The oral history method enables primary and secondary school students to experience history and has a great potential for developing critical thinking and empathy, ability to analyze information from different sources, maintain scientific neutrality, and strongly supports interest in the history of their own family, community and society.

The idea for the organization of the summer school was created during the realization of the long-term AMO project on oral history in Ukraine (www.ustnayaistoriya.info). The event will take place in July of 2018 in the Ukrainian Carpathians and the program will include lectures on theory and methodology, a number of workshops on the methodology of drafting school projects, ways of conducting interviews, processing and archiving materials, or respecting copyrights. Exchange of participants’ experience will take place during a roundtable at the end of the school.

Partners of the summer school are the Ukrainian Association of Oral History and the Youth Association “Historica” from Belarus, then Comenius University in Bratislava and the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Center “Memory and the Future” in Poland.

Date and time

8-14 July 2018


Yablunytsya, Ukraine

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In cooperation with
International Visegrad Fund and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
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