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Association for International Affairs

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Association for International Affairs in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea holds a roundtable on “Safe and Secure Nuclear Energy”. The event organized on the occasion of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Annual Conference in Vienna in September 2011 and the upcoming 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul. The aim is to cover some of the most relevant issues important not only for Czech and Korean general public but also for political and expert communities of both countries.

The event  strives to encourage expert discussion about nuclear safety and security, and to promote exchange of ideas about the development of Czech and Korean nuclear energy sectors, their safety and security. In their contributions, participants will focus on nuclear safety and security in general, as well as on more specific current topics such as environment monitoring of the Fukushima accident, protection of nuclear materials, and prevention of their illicit trafficking.


  • 10:00 Safe Use of Nuclear Energy and 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul
    Jung Eul-Yong, Deputy Director of Energy Section at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT), Republic of Korea
  • 10:20 Fukushima – The First Assessment of the Environment Monitoring
    Aleš Froňka, Head of Natural Radiation Sources Division, National Radiation Protection Institute (NRPI), Czech Republic
  • 10:40 Fukushima: Lessons Learned and Implications for the Czech Republic
    Jozef Mišák, Director for Strategy, Nuclear Research Institute Řež, Czech Republic
  • 11:00 Protection of Nuclear Materials and Prevention of Their Illicit Trafficking
    Marie Dufková, State Office for Nuclear Safety, Czech Republic
  • 11:20 Discussion
Date and time

November 25, 2011


Politických vězňů 7
Prague 1

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In cooperation with
Embassy of the Republic of Korea
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