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The peace and security in Europe used to be taken almost for granted after the fall of communism. The past conflicts in Europe from the 1990’s – however horrible – were considered to be limited to local environments of some areas of former Yugoslavia and foramer Soviet Union.

That is no longer a case. Conflicts within the OSCE area and in its vicinity are negatively influencing the security environment in entire Europe and the levels of uncertainty have risen to unprecedented heights. Threats and challenges of international terrorism, migration, new conflicts and pressures on territorial integrity have increased challenges for the OSCE and its chairmanships enormously. The spirit of cooperation from 1991 Paris Charter seems to have evaporated and return to Cold-War-era rhetoric occupies its place.

What can OSCE do to alleviate pressures, defuse tensions and re-start a spirit of cooperation? What are the plans of upcoming Austrian Chairmanship? These will be the topics of the seminar organized by the OSCE Documentation Centre in Prague, which shall provide space for discussion among the diplomats, think-tankers, academia and parliamentarians.


  • Štefan Füle, The Czech MFA Special Envoy for the OSCE and the Western Balkans
  • Alexander Grubmayr, Ambassador of Austria to the Czech Republic
  • Fred Tanner, Senior Advisor to the OSCE Secretary General Ambassador
  • Walter Kemp, Senior Visiting Fellow at IWM – Institute for Human Sciences


  • Vít Dostál, AMO
Date and time

28 November, 2016

13:00 – 17:30


Hotel Lindner Prague Castle

Strahovská 128

118 00 Prague

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OSCE Documentation Centre in Prague
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