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International Expert Conference

The partners intend to gather experts on the Single Market to discuss the development of Internal market of the European Union in last ten years and its future prospects.

The access to Internal Market was among the most important incentives beyond the Central and Eastern European countries decisions to join the EU. Nevertheless, several transitional provisions disturbed full EU market convergence. Although these flaws, which included mainly free movement of persons and cabotage, have been overcome, the Internal Market remains uncompleted.

The conference will pay special attention to the contribution of the CEE countries. It will address, inter alia, these issues:

(1) What was the contribution of 2004 enlargement for the Single Market?

(2) What are the key initiatives stemming from the Single Market Act I and II and how will they revive EU commerce?

(3) How to balance regulation and harmonization with subsidiarity and proportionality?

(4) What are the barriers of deepening the Single Market in services and of completing the digital market?


Anna Maria Darmanin, Chair of the Single Market Observatory, European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

Vít Dostál, Director of the Research Center, AMO, Prague

Aleš Chmelař, Researcher, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels

Kryštof Kruliš, Research Fellow, AMO, Prague

Iliya Lingorski, Founder and Executive Chairman, Vrana Economic Council, Sofia

Atilla Marján, European Research Director, Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, Budapest

Borek Severa, Project Director, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Prague

Zilvinas Silenas, President, Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Vilnius

Hans-Jürgen Zahorka, Former Member of European Parliament; Chief Editor, European Union Foreign Affairs Journal, Stuttgart

Martin Zeil, Former Minister of Economic Affairs of Bavaria, The Free Democratic Party, Munich

Chair: Daniel Stach, Journalist, Czech Television, Prague

Date and time

Thursday, 27 February 2014


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Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
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