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AMO and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic organize panel debate about the current situation in Ukraine.

Ukraine is usually discussed as a territory of war and instability or as recipient of Western assistance. But can Ukraine be part of solution for the sake of its own future and the benefit of European neighbors and partners? How successful – or not – are reforms in Ukraine? How productive is the current political agenda? Can Ukraine win this war and remain devoted to idealistic view of European integration? How can Ukraine play a role in developments in Russia? What is the value of changes in Ukraine for the other post-Soviet countries?

Panelists are experts from Ukrainian Nestor Group, who come from multiple fields and represent a broad array of organizations. They can be very critical or supportive of government policies. They have different views on current affairs, different ideas and different ideological affiliations, so the discourse of Ukraine’s transformation produced by Nestor Group is broad enough to interest various stakeholders from Ukrainian political and policy community, and at the same time is narrow enough to set the priorities for change straight. The discussion will present non-partisan views of Ukraine and the Russian crisis.


  • Oleksandra Baklanova is a strategy adviser. She had started in business sector, but now mostly advises key civil society organizations in Ukraine on development and sustainability issues.
  • Volodymyr Dubrovskiy is an institutional economist. He researches how Ukrainian society forms institutions and how institutions impact the lifes of Ukrainians.
  • Oksana Forostyna is a publisher and formerly a journalist and cultural manager. She has worked as an editor for influential popular and academic magazines.
  • Yevhen Hlibovytsky is a policy adviser. He integrates the work of researchers and analysts and forms policy proposals for the change agents in Ukraine. He has been providing his expertise to OSCE in the countries of the former USSR.
  • Yevhen Ikhelzon has background in religious studies and is a Buddhist activist. Formerly a political correspondent in Kyiv for influential daily newspapers, he is now based in Malaysia and focused on exploring Asia and bringing Eastern perspective to Ukraine.
  • Oleh Rybachuk was chief of staff under president Yushchenko. After retiring from politics he became one of the most influential figures in Ukrainian civil society, mostly working with young Ukrainian activists.
  • Volodymyr Vorobey is an expert on local economic development. He is involved in launching local development agencies and integrates the efforts of authorities, businesses and civil society.


  • Pavel Havlíček, Associate Fellow, AMO
Date and time

Monday, June 27, 2016



AMO office

Žitná 27


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AMO and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
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