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The Visegrad Group celebrates 25 years of its existence. Since then, the V4 has evolved from a group of countries aiming at the integration into Euro-Atlantic structures into a natural part of the European policy.

Nevertheless, differences between Western and Central Europe start to surface again and we have to ask what V4 and in what EU we want.


  • Marek Cichocki, European Centre Natolin
  • Tomasz Grosse, Warsaw University
  • Michal Kořan, Institute of International Relations (ÚMV)


  • Vít Dostál, Association for International Affairs (AMO)
Date and time

Monday, March 7, 2016



Polish Institute in Prague

Malé náměstí 1

Prague 1

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AMO and Polish Institute in Prague
In cooperation with
Centre for Eastern Studies and Czech-Polish Forum
Czech and Polish (simultaneous translation)
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