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AMO in cooperation with the Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague takes a great pleasure to invite you for a public lecture entitled “A Sea of Discontent: China’s Maritime Security and Regional Responses“.

The lecture will be delivered by Marc Lanteigne, Senior Lecturer with the Department of Politics and International Relations, and Director of Research at the New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

One of the most visible aspects of China’s military modernisation since the turn of the century can be seen in the area of maritime security. Under the administration of Hu Jintao, Beijing has concentrated on improving the country’s ‘blue water’ capability, allowing the Chinese navy to operate further out of territory. The Chinese government has stressed that such modernisation was necessary to address growing traditional and non-traditional security challenges, including ‘Military Operations other than War’ (MOOTW).

However, China’s maritime security policies in the East and South China Seas are being increasingly viewed as unilateral attempts to bolster China’s longstanding claims to these regions, and as a result Chinese security relations with Japan and Southeast Asia have cooled while the United States is facing the question of whether it will be increasingly challenged in the Pacific. The main question, therefore, is whether China’s maritime policies are moving towards a more overt zero-sum game.

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Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague
6 Smetanovo nábřeží

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