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Czexit? Czechout? It’s Up to Mr Babiš

Filip Chráska Filip Chráska / Ed. 13. 3. 2018

Filip Chráska ponders impact and possibilities regarding potential Czech referendum on leaving the EU as well as how is this discussion influenced by current Czech political environment.

The landslide victory of the populist movement ANO in last October’s general elections in the Czech Republic, as well as the success of Tomio Okamura’s far-right SPD has led to heated discussion concerning a potential Czexit (although I prefer the more playful word Czechout) referendum. Apart from the far-right, both the Communist Party and the liberal Pirates want the new administration to pass a general referendum bill. Doing so would without any doubt pave the way towards an EU membership referendum, the result of which (looking at the results of the two recent elections – general and presidential), would likely lead the country out of the EU. Moreover, a recent poll by GlobSec conducted among the young Erasmus generation in the four Visegrad (V4) countries delivered rather negative results for the EU in the Czech Republic. While almost 80 per cent of young Poles and Hungarians would vote to stay in the EU, only 43 per cent of their Czech peers would do so. Almost a quarter would vote to leave.

You can read the text in full here.

Původně vyšlo: Czexit? Czechout? It’s Up to Mr Babiš

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