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Between Opportunity and Threat V4 and the Aftermath of the Arab Spring

Zora Hesová Zora Hesová / Ed. 12. 8. 2018

Policy paper of Zora Hesová focuses on the the involvement of the Visegrad Group countries to transformation and reforms in the MENA countries after the Arab Spring. Hesová describes and evaluates V4's attempt to support democratic upheaval in the MENA and claims that the EU and V4 are largely ignoring the seriousness of the migration crisis, partly due to the fact that they do not see it in a larger context of transition failure in most of the MENA countries.

The policy paper was elaborated in the framework of the project Civic Pole Egypt-Visegrad Exchange Seminars and supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


Arab Spring 33
Czech Republic 611
Hungary 95
Middle East and North Africa 93
Poland 249
Slovakia 118
Visegrad Group 260
democracy support 37
development of civil society 55
human rights 46
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