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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2013

Vít Dostál Vít Dostál / Ed. 13. 1. 2016
Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2013

Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2013 is focused on the assessment of foreign policy of the Czech Republic in 2012 and gives particular policy recommendations for 2013.

Czech diplomacy in 2012 was marked with C. Authors have criticized mainly unsufficient coordination between the key foreign-policy actors, low interest of political elites in foreign policy, and a lack of clear strategic vision and strong political leadership.

“Czech foreign policy is, on important issues, inconsistent, reactive and lacking in strategic dimension. In spite of all the documents adopted, there is really nothing to identify as a Czech grand strategy. The priorities of foreign policy are unclear because there is a failure to differentiate the essential from the less important. In other words, long-term strategic balance and political boldness are not apparent in Czech foreign policy at this time. This results in overly cautious stances, which fail to lead to any clear, visible, international initiative based on a firm domestic consensus, and manifests itself only in the occasional pouting on European issues,” claim the authors in an introduction.

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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2013
Vít Dostál, Jakub Eberle, Tomáš Karásek, Lenka Filípková, Zora Hesová, Alžběta Chmelařová, Jiří Kocian, Václav Kopecký, Viera Knutelská, Michal Thim, Vlaďka Mušálková, Jakub Záhora Download
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