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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2012

Tomáš Karásek Tomáš Karásek / Ed. 12. 1. 2016
Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2012

AMO annual publication Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy evaluates all the activities of Czech authorities in the context of international political issues and proposes recommendations for upcoming period.

The Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2012 focuses on important partial issues and questions that has had an impact on Czech and world political leadership. The main goal of the authors was not to broadly summarize and evaluate the whole past year and its complexities, but to critically evaluate the strenghts and weaknesses of the Czech foreign policy on selected topics that the authors consider the most important.

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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2012
Tomáš Karásek, Vít Dostál, Michal Thim, Jakub Eberle, Lenka Filípková, Petr Fojtík, Zora Hesová, Martina Klicnarová, Viera Knutelská, Nataša Kubíková, Jakub Kulhánek, Daniel Novotný, Jan Prášil, Maria Staszkiewicz, Michal Vodrážka, Vlaďka Mušálková Download
Czech European policy 131
Czech Republic 574
Czech foreign policy 214
Czech security policy 63
European Union 354
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