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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2008

Antonín Berdych Antonín Berdych / Ed. 13. 1. 2016
Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2008

Agenda offers particular policy recommendations in all important aspects; among others it deals with European Union, transatlantic relations, economic diplomacy, and defence policy or with the transformation assistance. At the same time, the attention is paid to the critical assessment of the conduct of the Czech Republic on the international stage in 2007.

“The critical conclusions and policy recommendations we submit to the Czech public are not intended to formulate a specific programme, and we are not issuing them as if they were the only correct opinion. The meaning of our work is primarily to open up debate among policy-makers, the public and experts on the means and aims of Czech foreign policy. We are convinced that such a debate continues to be very necessary,” Antonín Berdych, Chairperson of AMO Supervisory Board, claims in the preface.


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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2008
Antonín Berdych, Václav Nekvapil, Luboš Veselý, Ivana Jemelková, Martin Ježek, Robert Klán, Filip Moravec, Vít Nejedlo, Petr Netuka, Jan Prášil, Pavel Přikyl, Martin Shabu, Maria Staszkiewicz, Jan Šnaidauf, Michal Thim Download
Czech European policy 152
Czech Republic 610
Czech foreign policy 255
Czech security policy 74
European Union 380
Visegrad Group 260
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