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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2007

Václav Nekvapil Václav Nekvapil / Ed. 12. 1. 2016
Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2007

This publication is based on the positive response AMO received to a book published last year, Czech Foreign Policy and the 2006 Elections ("Česká zahraniční politika a volby 2006"), in which AMO analysts compared and evaluated the foreign policy sections of the primary political parties' election platforms. On the basis of this analysis, they came to the conclusion that despite its determinative significance, foreign policy was markedly underestimated - if not marginalized - in party platforms. The authors therefore devoted the second half of the book to a set of recommendations.

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Agenda for Czech Foreign Policy 2007
Václav Nekvapil, Antonín Berdych, Luboš Veselý, Cyril Bumbálek, Jakub Eberle, Eduard Hulicius, Ivana Jemelková, Martin Ježek, Jakub Klepal, Lenka Kovačovská, Jan Marian, Ondřej Picka, Václav Prášil, Pavel Přikyl, Martin Shabu, Karel Svoboda, Jana Šebošíková, Michal Thim Download
Czech European policy 148
Czech Republic 605
Czech foreign policy 245
Czech security policy 72
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