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A call for “multi-levelization” of Visegrad

Vít Dostál Vít Dostál / Ed. 10. 6. 2016

Vít Dostál with CENS researcher Zsuzsanna Végh take stock of Visegrad group after 25 years in the article for Visegrad Insight.

The piece concludes that by stepping up support for creative thinking and innovative cooperation at the non-governmental level, the Visegrad Group would not only be renewed internally, but would be more empowered to channel constructive and forward-looking ideas into the European debate, as well. After all, sending out a positive message from Central Europe is something we urgently need right now.

Original source: A call for “multi-levelization” of Visegrad

Czech Republic 606
Hungary 95
Poland 248
Slovakia 117
Visegrad Group 260
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