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Pražský studentský summit

Model NATO

Model NATO, one of four models within the Prague Student Summit, is an educational programme designed for high school students who are both eager to learn and work on their language skills as well – since the programme is run completely in English. The focus is particularly set on current security issues and challenges that are to be tackled by the Alliance. This is achieved primarily through the simulation of North Atlantic Council’s negotiations – NATO’s decision making body.

Prospective participants are chosen based on an opinion essay as a part of an admission process. 28 students in total then represent one country’s interests within the aforementioned North Atlantic Council. The simulated negotiations are followed by activities focused on each student’s development in terms of critical thinking, correct argumentation and public speaking.

Prazsky studentsky summit 1 workshop 2015

Our long term goal is to contribute to creating a society which is not indifferent towards the security issues and threats of today. We aim to build a network of future leaders who understand the importance of global issues already on the high school level.


Chairmen of NATO