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Taiwan’s purchase of $330M U.S. arms package challenges China

Michal Thim Michal Thim / Ed. 8. 10. 2018
Taiwan's purchase of $330M U.S. arms package challenges China

Taiwan's purchase of weapons from the United States is becoming a critical issue for China, as ties between the world's two largest economies decline over a trade dispute and Europe is emerging as a challenger, a European analyst says.

Michal Thim, a Taiwan analyst, says the $330 million planned purchase of arms by Taiwan is providing Beijing another reason to forgo improving bilateral relations with Washington. "Europe's arms suppliers may find the situation ripe for taking a greater share in Taiwan's defense projects. Their governments may very well give them the green light," commented Thim.

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Originally published: Taiwan’s purchase of $330M U.S. arms package challenges China

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