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Closed roundtable discussion organized by the Association for International Affairs (AMO). The event focuses on the Visegrad Group perspective on the Society 4.0 and on the Industry 4.0’s spill-overs to the European Union’s Internal Market.

The Industry 4.0 introduction to the Internal Market will be influenced by uneven distribution of relevant skills in the EU. This will possibly result in an increasing tendency to develop clusters not only in industry, but also in trade and services.  The automotive industry with its fast rate of adoption of new technologies has a potential to become a source of crucial data for development of the 4.0 solutions also in other sectors.

The event will thus try to find answers to following questions:

  • What are specific interests of the Czech Republic and other countries in the V4 region related to the introduction of the Industry 4.0 solutions?
  • How will the advent of the Society 4.0 reshape business models, conditions for operation of SMEs and trade patterns in the V4 region? Is the V4’s large industrial base an advantage or disadvantage in this process?
  • Are the V4 states able to develop and export 4.0 solutions or only to buy them from abroad? Do we have clearly stated preferences for negotiations of standards for 4.0 solutions at various forums, including the EU?
  • Is the EU’s Internal Market sufficiently developed to sustain the spread of the Society 4.0? Should state and EU institutions support adoption of Industry 4.0? If so, in what way? Are the relevant operational programmes (e.g. Czech Republic’s Enterprise and innovation for competitiveness 2014-2020) structured optimally for the introduction of the Industry 4.0?



Introductory Remarks by Dita Charanzová, MEP, ALDE, Czech Republic


Society 4.0 in the Visegrad Group: Presentation of the Visegrad Group country reports followed by the Q&A (in English)

Marcin Frenkel, Liberté!, University of Lodz, Poland

Máté Hajba, Free Market Foundation, Hungary

Martin Reguli, F. A. Hayek Foundation, Slovakia

Kryštof Kruliš, Association for International Affairs (AMO), Consumers Forum, Czech Republic


Coffee Break


Society 4.0 in the Czech Republic: Roundtable discussion (in Czech)

Opening Remarks by

Petr Beneš, 6D Academy

Michal Kadera, ŠKODA AUTO

Ondřej Malý, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

Jaromír Novák, Czech Telecommunication Office

Evžen Reitschläger, Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic

Roundtable discussion of relevant wrapped up by concluding remarks by Dita Charanzová, MEP


12 April 2018

13:00 – 16:00


Prague Startup Centre

Jungmannova 36/31

Prague 1

International Visegrad Fund, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, European Parliament
English, Czech
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