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People in Need’s Pánek warns that “power of Mordor is growing” in politics

AMO AMO / Ed. 13. 3. 2018
People in Need's Pánek warns that "power of Mordor is growing" in politics

Radio Praha writes about Šimon Pánek's speech at the opening ceremony of the main conference of the XXIII season of the Prague Student Summit.

Former student leader in 1989 and longtime head of the NGO People in Need, Šimon Pánek, gave a somber speech before some 400 attendees at the 23rd Prague Student Summit on Friday in which he said the the world was growing increasingly dangerous, that democracy was weakening and globalization between tyrants was becoming more and more the norm.

You can ead the article in full here.

Originally published: People in Need’s Pánek warns that “power of Mordor is growing” in politics

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