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Final Conference of the XXIst Prague Student Summit Season

Final Conference of the 21st season of the Prague Student Summit will take place in Prague on April 1-4, 2016.

Final Conference of this year’s Prague Student Summit will take place from 1 April to 4 April 2016 in Prague. The Opening Ceremony of the Conference will be held in the Ambassador Zlatá Husa Hotel at the Wenceslas Square, while the rest of the Conference will be hosted by the Prague Congress Centre at Vyšehrad.

During the Open Ceremony, many interesting guests will speak to the project’s participants, among others Karel Schwarzenberg, MEP Dita Charanzová, Executive Director of Doctors Without Borders Czech Republic, writer Michal Horáček or philosopher Jan Sokol.

The participants, students of high schools and universities from all parts of the Czech Republic, will themselves appear in the roles of real diplomats when presenting positions of the countries they represent, while standing in front of more than 400 people.



The students will struggle to push forward their countries’ foreign policy priorities also during the other negotiation days, which will take place in the Prague Congress Centre at Vyšehrad. In simulated international organizations, they will for example deal with the integration of refugees into educational systems, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the Ukrainian crisis, or with the European Energy Union. They will hence get the chance of utilizing what they have learned at the project throughout the whole year.

In terms of our project’s education, not just theoretical preparation is important, but mainly the real application, which will best show the functioning of international organizations and their mutual relations. During the Final Conference, they will themselves try how hard it sometimes is to be a diplomat.

Eva Prudilová

Please note that this event is intended for the students participating in the Prague Student Summit and invited guests only.


Friday, April 1, 2016, 10:00 – Monday, April 4, 2016, 17:00


Hotel Ambassador – Zlatá Husa, Václavské náměstí 5-7, Praha 1

Kongresové centrum Praha, 5. května 65, Praha 4

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